We present the new “OPENVAC” way of packaging and preserving food. It is a new packaging system that has broken away from the ties of traditional methods of food preservation. “OPENVAC” is a package that uses high vacuum to achieve a closure that is perfectly hermetically sealed, yet still maintains a simple opening mechanism with no sharp edges or elements. With almost no effort needed to open it, the risk of splashes or breakage of the opening mechanism is eliminated. In addition, when the top tab is pulled and the vacuum breaks, you will hear a characteristic sound letting you know the food has been properly preserved. This innovative package with a unique design is perfect for emphasizing special products within a product line.

By completely eliminating oxygen, we can avoid changes in food flavor and color and prevent the decrease or elimination of vitamins and trace elements. Therefore, not only have we managed to extend the shelf life of foods, but also ensure they are preserved in a more natural and authentic manner.

At Auxiliar Conservera, we have been manufacturing metallic packaging for 50 years. But we wanted to take it a step further and so...,Sodetech, Fanser and Auxiliar Conservera have united to create a new concept for food preservation.
This is the special sound of “OPENVAC” packages being opened.

So all of this... how do we do it?

  • 01

    We extract all the air from inside the packaging, creating a high vacuum atmosphere.

  • 02

    This vacuum help for temperatures to be raised quickly without damaging the food, which allows us to shorten the pasteurisation and sterilisation times typical of conventional packaging.

  • 03

    The extreme reduction of covering liquid, as oil or brine enables us to achieve foods packaged that retain their natural characteristics.

  • 04

    We fix an tap on the lid that guarantees the perfect sealing and an easy opening.

  • 05

    But above all, we save energy.

  • And this is how it works…


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